3 July 2019

A gift from the spiritual world

A gift from the spiritual world Sylvie and Christelle shared their common experience at a quarterly meeting in Nantes last March… My first name is Sylvie. […]
26 April 2019

Step by step

Decisive events I lost my mother when I was 31 and my father at 36. When my mother died, I told myself that she would inform […]
26 April 2019

A further stage

Among all the members of Reiyukai Buddhism, some have recently discovered this path, others have been practising for forty years. But, let us be clear, if […]
4 March 2019

A singular experience

I met the Reiyukai practice thanks to David in rather funny circumstances. It was quite a complicated period of my life. I had a huge project […]
4 March 2019

The EBU: a fruitful General Meeting

Isabelle, a member of the EBU board of directors, attended the EBU General Assembly which was held in England this year accompanied by Marie and Guillaume. […]
4 March 2019

Finding access to the spiritual world

In the summer of 2015, forty Reiyukai members, including me, were offered to go to Japan, the Founders’ birthplace, to accomplish a practice I knew nothing […]
4 March 2019

Aspiring to become a great bodhisattva

Wishing to see what reality is   Being a branch leader practising with many companions, I earnestly wish to achieve my role as a bodhisattva. However […]
4 March 2019

Adopting the point of view of the Awakened and of the Teachings.

Claudine Carayol often encourages Reiyukai members to apprehend reality from the point of view of the Teachings and of the world of Enlightenment.What does this concretely […]
4 March 2019

A most precious link

A symbiotic relationship   I started my progression on the Reiyukai path with her. I was 20 and she was my first companion. She was full […]
4 March 2019

Moved by spiritual friendship

At the end of 2012 when I met the person who was to become my future elder, I immediately noticed the fervour with which he was […]