Courage and simplicity: key-words

A gift from the spiritual world
3 July 2019
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The five basic practice actions
29 October 2019


An electric shock

I met Reiyukai for the first time in1995. At that time, I was really self-centred, contemplating my navel and eager to heal my pain. And when came the time to take a step forward and make my practice grow, I just could not do it. Thus, in spite of many an experience, I stopped practising. Twelve years went by during which I lead a comfortable life, a quite pleasant although rather solitary life in fact. A lot of serious conflicts at work had the effect of an electric shock. I then told myself: « Not everybody around me is stupid. That is impossible ». I could feel the complete dryness of my heart and it suddenly rang a bell : I realized I was like my deceased father who was convinced everybody was wrong and I saw I was ready to reproduce the same pattern. I got conscious it was time for me to change. The practice of Reiyukai came back to my mind like a tool I had only partly used a few years before. Even if the toolbox was well equipped, I had only used a screwdriver or a spanner. No doubt I could use the other tools too. So two years ago I decided to take to the path again and discovered that it was rather simple to practise provided one was a little courageous.

A revelation

I attended a Reiyukai meeting and I was stunned by the introductory film: all the things I wanted to achieve were expressed by the different practitioners. The experiences which followed, amazed me…..I was impressed by the people’s practice, their determination and their transformation thanks to others. But considering my personal situation, I felt that it was out of my reach. They were so active, surrounded by their companions while I was alone. I eventually tried to be more courageous and tenacious. I listened to Franck, my elder. The first tools of this practice are the recitation of the Sutra (I admit I don’t read it too often owing to my lack of courage), the practice meetings and the links. I tried to develop more links with Isabelle and Franck and with the people around me. My life gradually started to change and got more interesting. At work I kept a low profile, I let some time pass,  I tried to develop more healthy relationships, I apologized, I got in touch with people I was not seeing any more. Some phoned me. It was surprising to see that it did work!

Taking actions

Then Frank suggested I could accomplish a new practice; to be part of the team that organised the summer seminar in Frétigny. I, organising a seminar! With other people! Attending the seminar ! Being in relation with the members of the team! And where was I going to sleep ? Who with ? How was I going to tell my girlfriend we were not going to meet that week end ? My mind was cluttered up with lots of questions. I was surprised to see how frightened I was getting. But I was encouraged by the energy of my elder who was striving to leave his comfort zone too and discovering new things on the way. Well, in the end, being part of the organisation proved to be a rich and lively experience. I really felt happy to share these moments .I even summoned up my courage and told my partner about this week-end, invited her to join us and our exchange proved to be deeper than usual.

The seminar got interesting even before it started ; I went there by car with Armand and we talked about the anger we both felt inside as we came from the same blood and practice family. At the end of the seminar, I got angry at two practice elders ! My elder suggested me to go deeply into the matter. Two weeks later on a plane, I met a practice member who did not recognize me ! I got angry there too! So I went on holiday grumbling about practise elders …When I came back I told this person that she had not recognized me on the plane. She said « Why didn’t you simply come and talk to me? ». Being simple. Of course, she was right and her comment was like a present!

Courage and simplicity. I tried to develop these two qualities in the following months. I started to invite people to discover this path. In January my elder encouraged me to take a determination for 2019. So I decided to recite the Sutra at least once a week and to develop the necessary qualities of heart to welcome somebody in order to open up my practice. A week later I became conscious that I was often moaning at work but that I never took any responsibilities. Then in spite of my fear, I committed myself and formed a list for the election of Economic and Social Council, a dissident list from my boss’s in the firm for which I was working. I joined a trade union, I informed the people I knew about my plan (two years ago I was not talking to anyone! ) and some of them put their names down on the list. Everything went smoothly. How nice it was to have relationships with people at work and in my private life…. Our list was elected, which was marvellous!


We often think it will be too difficult for us but with courage and tenacity, our reality can change our inner reality and the one around us too. I am delighted at all the things I still have to transform!