Reiyukai offers lay people the opportunity to walk in Buddha’s footsteps in their daily lives thus attributing a wider and more generous meaning to their very existences. It teaches the way towards a deep and essential happiness based on spiritual friendship and compassion for all beings.
It encourages each and everyone to transform themselves, to anchor their confidence in their capacity for improvement and enlightenment as well as their ability to free themselves from any conditioning, thus transforming their reality.

Reiyukai aims at contributing actively to progress and social harmony, which will eventually lead to a more peaceful world.

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In our quartely magazine, «Buddha’s world», you can read about our members’ everyday experiences as well as the Reiyukai news, find further information on the Teaching as well as extracts from «Ten no ongaku», the diary of Kimi Kotani, one of Reiyukai’s founders.


Let yourself be inspired by articles which clarify fundamental concepts of the Teaching and by the experiences of Reiyukai members who develop an understanding of the Teaching by putting it into practice in their daily lives. Discover how Reiyukai members took part in events organized by the EBU.

Reiyukai as a member of the EBU

European Buddhist Union

Inspired by the European construction and the hope of peace it embodies, the Reiyukai association, invested in the idea of creating harmony between the European peoples, has been a member of the EBU since 1997. It actively takes part in the projects developed by this organization.

22 October 2021

Discovering consideration

As we were having a discussion, one of my companions told me the people around her were pointing at her lack of consideration and attention for […]
22 October 2021

Becoming a leader

Becoming a leader Here, Armelle expresses her experience of the path to be followed to become a Circle leader. Armelle, do you think you fit in […]
7 May 2020

Becoming autonomous

« I will never make it! »   Here is what I thought when I started to practise five years ago. “It’s a sect”, my mother said “You […]
7 May 2020

Discovering the essence of Spiritual Friendship

Reiyukai is the Buddhism of Spiritual Friendship. We are thus encouraged to develop relationships tinged with spiritual friendship not only with our companions but also with […]
7 May 2020

My stay in Japan, a valuable learning experience

My name is Pierre-Arthur O’Hara, I am 24 years old. I discovered Reiyukai thanks to Armand and I wish to share with you the gratitude I […]
7 May 2020

Relying on the Teaching

A practitioner of the youth group in Japan once said: “The aim of Reiyukai is to make people smile again and to share moments of happiness” […]