Reiyukai offers lay people the opportunity to walk in Buddha’s footsteps in their daily lives thus attributing a wider and more generous meaning to their very existences. It teaches the way towards a deep and essential happiness based on spiritual friendship and compassion for all beings.
It encourages each and everyone to transform themselves, to anchor their confidence in their capacity for improvement and enlightenment as well as their ability to free themselves from any conditioning, thus transforming their reality.

Reiyukai aims at contributing actively to progress and social harmony, which will eventually lead to a more peaceful world.

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In our quartely magazine, «Buddha’s world», you can read about our members’ everyday experiences as well as the Reiyukai news, find further information on the Teaching as well as extracts from «Ten no ongaku», the diary of Kimi Kotani, one of Reiyukai’s founders.


Let yourself be inspired by articles which clarify fundamental concepts of the Teaching and by the experiences of Reiyukai members who develop an understanding of the Teaching by putting it into practice in their daily lives. Discover how Reiyukai members took part in events organized by the EBU.

Reiyukai as a member of the EBU

European Buddhist Union

Inspired by the European construction and the hope of peace it embodies, the Reiyukai association, invested in the idea of creating harmony between the European peoples, has been a member of the EBU since 1997. It actively takes part in the projects developed by this organization.

29 October 2019
en avant

The five basic practice actions

You must never forget that Reiyukai is a spiritual practice based on actions and not on reflection.
29 October 2019

Courage and simplicity: key-words

I met Reiyukai for the first time in1995. At that time, I was really self-centred, contemplating my navel and eager to heal my pain.
3 July 2019

A gift from the spiritual world

A gift from the spiritual world Sylvie and Christelle shared their common experience at a quarterly meeting in Nantes last March… My first name is Sylvie. […]
26 April 2019

Step by step

Decisive events I lost my mother when I was 31 and my father at 36. When my mother died, I told myself that she would inform […]
26 April 2019

A further stage

Among all the members of Reiyukai Buddhism, some have recently discovered this path, others have been practising for forty years. But, let us be clear, if […]
4 March 2019

A singular experience

I met the Reiyukai practice thanks to David in rather funny circumstances. It was quite a complicated period of my life. I had a huge project […]