The five basic practice actions

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29 October 2019
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11 February 2020
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You must never forget that Reiyukai is a spiritual practice based on actions and not on reflection. If you think about the Teachings without putting them into practice, you will neither be able to grasp them nor change yourselves and you will leave this world without having any answers to your questions.

The Reiyukai practice consists in:

  • reciting the Lotus Sutra while aiming at transforming ourselves,
  • wishing for the progress of our ancestors as well as the people’s around us on this awakening path, – changing our hearts thanks to the beneficial effects of our recitation and of our aspiration,
  • positively influencing others
  • progressing on this path with the people wishing to join us.

What does the Buddha teach us in the Lotus Sutra?

 First of all; impermanence. Everything changes all the time ; nothing can remain identical, so  insisting on our attachments is vain. Then, the notion of cause-relation-effect called the conditioned production of causes and effects. Finally, interdependence and interrelation : human beings cannot live on their own on this earth and they develop thanks to everything around them. Their very existence is the result of innumerable influences, the fruit of what they give, of what they receive in a continuous process of interactions and exchanges.

The Lotus Sutra particularly insists on the notion of conditioned production of causes and effects. According to me it is the most important meaning of the Buddha’s Teaching. When I am asked what Reiyukai is, I answer that it is the resolution of karmic relationships, the fact of suppressing this chain of causes and effects.

How to solve our karma?

 On the one hand, by changing the negative aspects we become conscious of thanks to our practice, and on the other hand, by improving the positive aspects of our humanity and developing it according to the Teaching. No need to dwell on this notion of karma : solving it means transforming ourselves.

As I am one of Reiyukai’s elders, I would like to present the five basic actions for a concrete practice but first to clarify their meaning again.

Reiyukai Teachings offer us to become more conscious of our state of existence and of our reality by basing our practice on the relationship with our parents and ancestors. That is why we are invited to take action in these relationships as well as with others, driven by the desire to change, to achieve a conscious and benevolent humanity and help others to do so. As we are informed on what we are, we can solve our karmic obstacles by constantly striving to change our behaviour towards others. This is the basis of the Reiyukai practice. As I have told you before, one does not progress through thinking but through acting.


The five basic practice actions are:

  • reciting the sutra
  • accompanying others on this path
  • gathering our ancestors’ names
  • attending meetings
  • acting for the others’ well-being, the improvement of society and peace


Most of us willingly subscribe to the idea of « acting for the others’ good, for the improvement of society and peace », however it is extremely difficult to know what is appropriate to do. But if you do the first four forms of practice, you will discover how to make this wish come true.

I would like to add that joy is an essential aspect of our practice. If you are not filled with the joy to practise, you will not be able to invite others on this path. Even if you are intellectually convinced it is extremely important for all human beings to practise, people will not follow you if you are sad and gloomy. The joy to practise, the joy to transmit is essential. And for that purpose, I am inviting you to find and create your own rhythm and way to practise and accomplish the five basic actions in harmony with your daily life. As I have already told you too, do not strive to understand all the things you hear at once. If you practise this way, you will grasp and achieve the spirit and meaning of the Reiyukai founders’ Teachings.

Mr Sueyoshi, Reiyukai’s President