The EBU: a fruitful General Meeting

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4 March 2019
A singular experience
4 March 2019

Isabelle, a member of the EBU board of directors, attended the EBU General Assembly which was held in England this year accompanied by Marie and Guillaume. Here is Isabelle’s account of these three days spent in Ledbury.

The General Assembly of the European Buddhist Union (EBU) took place at the end of September, like every year. The EBU is a network gathering Buddhist national unions as well as Buddhist organisations in Europe, a network Reiyukai is part of.

We were welcomed by a very fine team at the splendid English centre of Triratna Adhistana.

This year there were three important issues on the agenda:

– A whole day was devoted to young people’s role and involvement in the different traditions and on the European scene. Marie and Guillaume, two representatives of Reiyukai youth group were accompanying me.

Considering the young people’s report we can but congratulate ourselves for this initiative and will really remain mobilized on this issue.

– The second issue discussed during this meeting was the work done at the moment on the codes of conduct by the Dutch Buddhist Union and by other traditions, including Triratna and Rigpa. Numerous centres had been faced with abuses of power by masters over their followers. Three contributors explained the work being done and what was at stake.

– The third issue was more about the EBU evolution. The EBU committee suggests that a clause be added to the statutes of the association. This clause would enable affiliated members to join in, out of conviction and personal choice, in order to support the EBU’s work. They would be required to give a symbolic subscription of 1 euro a month. These affiliated members would not be allowed to vote or to be represented at the Monthly General Assembly. However they would be associated to an on-line platform including the EBU magazine and spaces open to EBU members where they would be able to communicate about their various practice events…The whole matter remains to be studied. The purpose is to raise money to get a seat in Brussels and to take on a salaried secretary with his or her own office.

All these different issues had been discussed before the General Assembly which only lasted about 30 minutes. They were all voted unanimously in silence.

I had never seen such a thing happen ….such powerful energy coming from the heart and the spirit! I am proud of Reiyukai being a member of the EBU.