A further stage

A singular experience
4 March 2019
Step by step
26 April 2019

Among all the members of Reiyukai Buddhism, some have recently discovered this path, others have been practising for forty years. But, let us be clear, if we have this karmic link with the Teachings of the Lotus Sutra and the bodhisattva’s practice, it is the wish to give our existences a large, essential and generous meaning, whether conscious or not,  which fundamentally motivates all of us. It concretely means that we are able to work at the improvement of our society and, more widely, of the world thanks to our transformation and to the transmission of the Teachings.

Whether experienced or not, we should all be filled with curiosity, the desire to learn and humility when faced with the Teachings and the reality. This kind of spirit alone will generate for all of us stunning experiences which will validate the teachings read in the sutras or heard from the elders.

The basis  of our path concretely depends on the practice experiences accumulated day in day out. They are real treasures since they enable the Teachings to penetrate us and to be transmitted. In that sense having practised for a long time matters less than having a lively practice among links while taking the others’ happiness into account, less than the vitality of the research spirit, nourished with the Teachings and connected to the world of the Awakened.

In France, Reiyukai has been built on the efforts and experiences of each of its members, testifying to the power of the Teaching. To have access to deep karmic resolutions, for us, our ancestors, our descendants and for the world around us, I wish with all my heart that we improve the way in which we realize the «repentance» practice – in the buddhist meaning of the word, a dynamic and creative meaning – within all our links and most particularly the links with our companions.

The National Seminary gave us the opportunity to hear the large and deep meaning of repentance again and of its realisation thanks to the bodhisattva’s practice. It took place before the inaugural ceremony of the new Centre in March 2019 and the 40th anniversary of Reiyukai France as well. May this period constitute a further stage in the understanding and the realization of the Reiyukai practice. Let us turn our minds towards the true Teachings, linked to our elders and to the world of the Awakened as it is the origin of any essential transformation and therefore of any resolution. Let us purify our mind and heart thanks to the bodhisattva’s pratice which is to be found in the Trilogy of the Lotus Sutra and was transmitted by Reiyukai Founders. And may all our practices be based on gratitude, consideration and benevolence towards everyone!

Claudine Carayol